What are My Responsibilities if I post Bail for Someone?

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When you post bail for someone you're doing them a huge favor. You aren't just preventing them from sitting in jail as they await court, but you're giving them the opportunity to continue to live their normal life as their day in front of a judge comes up. You also give them a chance to find a lawyer in order to best prepare their case. If someone asks you to post bail for them you should do it knowing you're doing one heck of a good deed, as long as you can trust the person not to disappear after being released, as there are a few responsibilities that you would acquire. These are the general responsibilities of a person who posts bail for a friend or relative using a bail bond.

Paying the initial bail bond processing fee

In order to get the person out of jail you will need to first pay the initial processing fee of the bail bond which is charged by the bail bond agency. This fee will vary on a case by case basis but in most cases it will fall somewhere between 10 percent and 15 percent of the full bail amount set by the courts. The defendant will not be be able to be released until the agreed upon payment is processed.

Ensuring the appear in court

One of the most important aspects of being the indemnitor, which is another name for the person who signs the bail bond, is that they must ensure the defendant appears at each of their court dates. If a person misses court a warrant will be issued for their arrest and you may be subject to additional fines.

Keeping tabs on them

In some cases a person who is out on bail must report to the bail agency or another person from time to time to ensure that they are following the terms of their bail. It is up to you to make sure these visits or phone calls occur.

Accepting other fees if the person skips bail

Finally, it is important to understand that you may be subject to other fees if the person skips bail, meaning they make a run for it. You may have to pay for bounty hunting or skip tracing services in order to find the person.

People who post bail for friends or loved ones are really doing something amazing for them. To learn more about posting bail in Rancho Cucamonga or anywhere else in the United States get in touch with the team at Arrow Bail Bonds. With more than 40 years experience at our family owned agency we will be able to happily answer all of your questions. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (909) 891-0578 to request an appointment for fast bail bonds in Southern California.